Express Djing Course

Duration: 45 Days | Category: DJing

Learn Express Djing with DJ David

Introducing Express Djing Program :

At HiTec DJ Academy, We make DJ lessons affordable and accessible to everybody. We love to share our knowledge and collaborate with students in bettering their DJ or music production education. DJing is all about having fun and playing around with music. This should be possible at a reasonable price. Providing an affordable alternative to the current digital music education services around Mumbai.

The Express Djing Program is designed for beginner students committed to becoming a working DJ Professional in a condensed timeframe. This program includes 16 hours of curriculum and hands on hours. We meet two times each week and there are no breaks built in. We systematically lay the groundwork for you to become a crowd-ready, working DJ at the end of the program.

The program is built on you hitting key milestones with strong mentorship from instructors and collaboration with your classmates. Classes move fluidly from one milestone to the next once students have grasped and mastered the concepts. All students will receive a certificate. After learning the course, show your talent of Spinning and Mixing to your Family, Friends, Relatives and even the World.

  • Two Days a Week for 1 hour each.
  • Course exclusively by our Expert Panel DJ David.
  • 45 days completion and 15 days Grace for practice on our updated Console and Controllers.
  • Live Field Experience for deserving Students.
  • Fully Certified Course.
  • Improve your skills through this amazing journey of DJing.