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HiTec DJ is your gateway to being that person, who is always at the center of the attention of every parties - The DJ.

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It is not just about playing tracks or playing hit number, it's all about leading the tempo, following the crowd with successive numbers & elevating them to a higher plane of exhilaration! If you have it in you, we will show you the escalator to success, fame, popularity & fortune!

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DJ Anu

DJ Anu - A decade of success as a DJ

Professional DJ & Electronic Music Producer

Over the past ten years, myriad 5 star hotels, events, and happenings at the leading clubs, pubs and lounges have had one thing in common - The presence of DJ Anu to helm their DJ station.

His music and DJing skills have made thousands of occasions into landmark events that leave partygoers wanting for more.

Apart from his spinning skills, Dj Anu also established himself as a well-known electronic music producer.

Now, under the banner of HiTec DJ Academy he is willing to share and impart his knowledge and secrets of success with you.

He is an example of how with enough motivation, talent & training, you can become a celebrity DJ.

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